Why we created this page?

    Some of our customers were so pleased with their experience at 6skulls that they joined Yelp just so they could leave great reviews for us. 
    Unfortunately, Yelp sometimes deletes or filters out good reviews from accounts that are new - so, below are testimonies from real customers who wanted their voices heard. 

Hassan Bayloun

I come here for all my body piercing needs! Working on my 6th one soon :) the owner is super friendly, always a smile on his face!

Juliet O'Connor

Amazing place, I got my piercing done here and it was super clean and safe and the piercing looked great. The jewelry’s also amazing quality and the people r so nice! Definitely would recommend coming here if you want a good quality piercing

blake nick

This place has great service and amazing costumer support. They helped me and guided me with all my questions, of which there were many, and made the experience relaxing and amazing. I highly highly recommend. 5 stars.

charlotte morlie

My friend and I wanted to get a piercing for a while and we stumbled upon Jewels Parlor. Leo was very kind to us, the place is really clean with a big selection of earrings. Very professional service. Highly recommend!


Walid Raouda

Jewels Parlor was professional, friendly, clean, and timely with their service.